Puddling is the stretching of leather upholstery, appearing as loose wrinkles on the surface of leather furniture. Puddling occurs when the seating areas do not appear as tight as initially purchased. The layer of down feathers beneath the leather gradually shifts from being used, resulting in light creases. Puddling is natural and does not indicate a fault with the leather. It is important to note that puddling does not affect the integrity or durability of your furniture.


If your cushions are removable, remove and “fluff” them. This involves lifting one side of the cushion up and then dropping it down so all the foam and down feathers inside can shift around. “Fluffing” should be done from all sides of the cushion in a circular motion to distribute the fill material inside evenly. If you have removable cushions, it is important to move them around from time to time.


Since premium leather is a natural product, puddling is a natural effect. Puddling can be easily maintained by following the proper steps. These creases are expected when owning top-grain leather and are not considered an issue of quality.

For more information on how to care for your leather furniture, please visit our Leather Care Guide