Dyed-through top grain leather with different premium finishing options to choose from: Antique hand-rubbed, Distressed, Semi Aniline, Pull up, and Corrected.


Our frames are Kiln-dried. The process removes most of the moisture inside the wood thereby prolonging its life. Due to the moisture reduction, wood doesn’t warp or shrink with changes in humidity and temperature. L-braced hardwood frames, glued at the corners, add to the durability and longevity of our products.


Pocketed-coils and No-Sag springs provide balanced weight distribution offering maximum durability and lasting comfort. Pocketed-coil spring systems have separate springs individually wrapped in fabric that allows each pocketed spring to move independently, thereby responding quickly to movement and conforming to the contours of your body.


Down feather and 2.25lbs density foam core are double-wrapped with hollow fill fiber to create a plush seat cushion.



Equipped with up to three power reclining features including Lay-flat Power Recline, Power Tilting Headrest and Power Lumbar Support. A built-in USB charging ports is on each recliner control panel.


High-density memory foam is resilient and conforms to the shape of your body, thereby providing even support and lessening the sagging effect. It is as comfortable as it is durable.


It is normal for seat cushions to become ‘worn in’ and soften overtime. In order to ensure that cushions return to their intended look, you can simply massage or smooth the cushions by hand. Do not jump on the sofa, or sit on the arm or back.


If the sofa needs to be moved, avoid lifting from the armrest and arm pillows; the correct way to move the sofa is by lifting from the base or underside of the arms. Never move the sofa by pushing or pulling it. Leather Care Content Leather furniture can last longer and look better by proper care to preserve its natural characteristics.


It is important to remember that due to its genuine features, leather has natural wrinkles as well as slight color and texture variations. Hence, leather furniture gives a completely natural look and feel to your home.


Leather has limited elasticity. To keep your leather and cushions new and fluffy, use the seating areas evenly. It is also important not to lean, sit or reach over the back of the sofa as any pulling or tugging might result in a tear. Allowing pets on your leather furniture is not recommended. Their claws and saliva can harm the leather finish.


Position your leather furniture away from direct sunlight, high-wattage lights, heating and air conditioning units to prevent leather from drying out. Cleaning Content Dusting Gently wiping your leather once a week with a clean dry or slightly damp soft cloth to avoid build-up of dirt and dust. Avoid using chemical cleaners as it can discolor a patch on your furniture. Spills Clean up spills immediately by dabbing with a soft cloth. For greasy stains, a colorless soap can be used, wiping the stain from the outside towards the center. Remove any residual soap with a damp white cloth, and dry the area with a clean white towel. Never use heat to hasten drying.


Experience the weightless sensation of the Prospera Home Zero Gravity recliner. A concept pioneered by astronauts and perfectly engineered into our power recliners. The Zero Gravity recliner suspends the body in a neutral position, allowing optimal weight distribution which can reduce stress on different areas of the body.



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